Thursday, November 14, 2013

Double Trouble (Rascals Polly and Gertie) #Free all The Weekend!

#Free Download for Children's eReader.all ready for #Christmas!

Double Trouble will be Free on Amazon all this weekend, starting this Friday. (Eleventh of November 2013) If your children like a good belly-laugh they should enjoy the antics of rascals, Polly, Gertie, Toby Jug, and Mange. Oh, and they'll love hating Great Aunt Mable and her horrible cooking as well as nasty teacher, Miss Badger. 

This book has two stories and is full of colurful illustrations that will make even adults laugh. How do I know? Because I have as many adult fans as I do children, especially pensioners.

Double Trouble is also available as a paperback on Amazon.

And if you do enjoy it, a review would be wonderful. Reviews always help authors to continue with more work.

Just click on the book cover to download your free copy. Three days only, or click this link: Here 

Here are some of my illustrations form the book





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Here is the link to Double Trouble on Amazon: Here 

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