Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Wonderful World of Molly Mavis Gumnut

This is the wonderful world of Molly Mavis Gumnut. The riverbank where she goes fishing, the dirt road where she rides her bicycle, Her father's veggie patch, the dams and some of the critters she loves. (Keep watching this blog. More to come soon.)

Kangaroos, a water draggon, Furble the bandicoot, red-bellied black snakes, mangrove herons, pied butcher birds, horses and more.

These critters all feature in my Molly Gumnut chapter books.

The Beautiful Riverbank where Molly plays with Lara

The Jetty where Molly dives into the river

The Jetty at The River where Molly goes fishing

Picnic Table Down by The River

The Bush Road toward The River

The Dirt Road to The River

The Tree Molly climbs

Molly's Bush Track

Molly's favourite hide out, The Dam

This is the hundred year-old cottage thet Molly uses as a hidout.

Beautiful Dam full of Wildlife

Baby Butcher Birds climbing the wall to beg for a snack of mealworms

Two Greedy baby Butcher Birds, begging for mealworms

Butcher Birds begging for Mealworms

Jill the Butcher Bird landing on Molly's veranda

Jill The Pied Butcher Bird

Horses coming to visit Molly's Dam

Mangrove Herrons

Water Dragon

Red-bellied Black Snakes

Grey Kangaroo with joey

Grey Kangaroo with Joey in Pouch

Furble the Bandicoot