Thursday, November 14, 2013

Double Trouble (Rascals Polly and Gertie) #Free all The Weekend!

#Free Download for Children's eReader.all ready for #Christmas!

Double Trouble will be Free on Amazon all this weekend, starting this Friday. (Eleventh of November 2013) If your children like a good belly-laugh they should enjoy the antics of rascals, Polly, Gertie, Toby Jug, and Mange. Oh, and they'll love hating Great Aunt Mable and her horrible cooking as well as nasty teacher, Miss Badger. 

This book has two stories and is full of colurful illustrations that will make even adults laugh. How do I know? Because I have as many adult fans as I do children, especially pensioners.

Double Trouble is also available as a paperback on Amazon.

And if you do enjoy it, a review would be wonderful. Reviews always help authors to continue with more work.

Just click on the book cover to download your free copy. Three days only, or click this link: Here 

Here are some of my illustrations form the book





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Here is the link to Double Trouble on Amazon: Here 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Velvet Ball & The Broken Fairy have a new Book Cover

So sorry I haven't posted in a while, but that's been due to my ill health.

Today, I want to share my new book cover for Velvet Ball and The Broken Fairy. 

The new cover was designed by Patti Roberts at Paradox Book Cover Designs and Formatting.
Though I liked the older cover, I always wanted a picture of Velvet and Roseberry on the front, then readers could see straight off what the story is about.

Nine-year-old Velvet has alopecia due to a long illness, and though she doesn't mind being bald, she minds getting bullied by Rodney O'Leary and his gang. When her classmates call her a pixie and steal her headband, she runs off into the forest to escape their taunts.  Enjoying the peace in the woods and picking pink wildflowers, she comes across a tiny fairy stuck in the bow of a tree. The fairy promises to grant her a wish if she saves her, but when Velvet rescues her, she finds out that the fairy can't even fly, and she has no magic powers at all.

Roseberry's not capable of granting one little wish because she didn't listen in Magic School. All she wants to do is hide away in Velvet's bedroom, dance around in Barbie clothes, and eat nice food. When the fairy becomes too rude and demanding, Velvet threatens to dump her back in the forest. But before she has a chance, Roseberry is kidnapped by Rodney O'Leary and his gang. Fearing for her tiny friend's life, Velvet knows she has to rescue her. And she'd better get there fast before the bullies kick her around like a football. After all, they think Roseberry is just a doll and they'll do anything to upset Velvet.

 The new version eBook is available on Amazon Here And on Smashwords: Here


The paperback version will be available on Amazon in a week or two, but if anyone wants to buy it now, it's available now with CreateSpace: Here 

 You can find Velvet and Roseberry on FaceBook: Here 

 Soon there will be a chance to win free eBooks and  paperbacks. Watch this blog for updates. I promise not to be away so long next time.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Monday, December 3, 2012

Ominous Love Book Cover

Ominous Love is available on Amazon for $0.99 this week, so pop in a grab a copy before the price goes back up Go to this link: Here

The book cover, poster, and banner were all created by Patti Roberts. She did a wonderful job of putting the right scene together for me. First I had seen the angel on her website and knew that I had to have him for my character. Then Patti asked me what scene I wanted and offered suggestions. We worked together picking out the right pictures for my characters, then she added the thunderstorm just like the scene I was looking for. Though I probably gave her a hard time until I chose the right picture for my main character, Eloise. I had to get her right.

You can see the banner at the top of my blog and the poster below. Patti has also made the cover for my paperback that will be out shortly.

The first person to make a comment on this post will receive a free eBook copy of Ominous Love.

Pop over to Patti Robert's website and check out the wonderful covers she has for sale. Go to this link: Here

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Competition to Win, Ominous Love, eBook

Finally Published!
Ominous Love (Book One) is available on Amazon Kindle: Here 

(Paperback will be available soon, also Smashwords edition.)

If you'd like to win a copy of this eBook, just guess the correct age of the couple in the photo below. The first three people to guess correctly will win an ebook version of Ominous Love from Amazon.

There is a way to find the answer, but you'll have to research. LOL.

Here is a clue. FB. 

You can read the the first two chapters for free on Amazon, but here is an excerpt from a much later chapter:

Punishment? I cover my face with my hands and try to clear my head. But there's no place to go, and even if I managed to escape, how would I get home? I'd need a plane to get me off this godforsaken mountain. Staring at myself in the mirror, I realize I have to resign myself to a life with a handsome monster, or die a horrible death. I pout. I must have done something really bad to deserve this misery, but I can't think of what. Was falling for a good-looking boy that bad? Closing my eyes, I wonder if I should just fight this brute to the death, after all, dying would be better than living with him. But how can I stand up to this evil monster? I'm just a girl and he's a huge and powerful young man.
A knock at the door drags me from my thoughts. “Yes?”
“Are you ready?”
“Nearly,” I lie. I'll never be ready for him, not ever.

Good Luck!