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My Interview With Susan Gaye on her Faery Tale Mountain Blog

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Patricia, what inspired your book,

Velvet Ball & The Broken Fairy

I was inspired to write Velvet Ball and The Broken Fairy after I bought a strange-looking fairy doll in a quaint Opportunity Shop near where I live. I tried to think of a wish that a child would make and then I thought of how hard it would be for a little girl at school if she was bald, either from alopecia or from cancer. So when I began writing this story, Velvet and Roseberry just evolved. I’m sure they took over this story because they continuously fought over who would be the MC. When Velvet won, Roseberry decided she would get even by stealing the scenes and refusing to do any magic. Instead, she chose to let Velvet suffer. So the story took many twists and turns along the way, and even I had no idea how it would end. LOL I was shocked as much as the readers.

I have written the second story in this series, but it needs a few edits before I publish it. It’s called: Velvet Ball (Book Two) Velvet & Roseberry Battle Mean Goblins


Velvet Ball can’t believe that the children at her new school call her a pixie just because she’s bald. She hates home time and having to stand outside the school to wait for the bus, but when Rory O’Leary rips her hat off and calls her baldy in front of the whole class, she cringes with embarrassment. When all the other students join in and tease her, she stamps on Rory’s foot, then takes off running into the forest.

While picking wildflowers, Velvet stumbles upon a fairy caught in the bow of a tree. The fairy promises to grant her a wish if she saves her and proclaims to be Roseberry — Fairy of Crabtree Forest. Although Velvet doesn’t believe in magic, she rescues the weird little sprite. But just like she expected, her wish of getting her hair back doesn’t work. Unable to explain why she has no magic, Roseberry attempts to fly away, but instead, she crashes to the ground with a thump. Feeling sorry for the helpless little sprite, Velvet takes her home and hides her in her bedroom, but Roseberry isn’t at all endearing. She’s rude, demanding, bad-mannered, and spoilt. And she acts like a princess, expecting to be waited on day and night.

Velvet figures Roseberry doesn’t know how to use her powers because she didn’t pay attention in Magic School, but when she tries to help her, the bratty little sprite isn’t interested in learning anything. All Roseberry wants to do is dance around the bedroom and dress in Barbie clothes, but when she begins throwing food around the bedroom, Velvet’s had enough. She threatens to take Roseberry back into the woods and leave her there. Before she has a chance, Roseberry is kidnapped by Rory’s and his gang of bullies. Now velvet has to find a way to save her before the boys discover Roseberry is real, and not just a talking fairy doll.

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