Saturday, April 17, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Awards

Thank you for sending me this Beautiful Blogger Award, Kate. Now, I'm challenged to forward this award to ten more wonderful bloggers. Hmm, I'll have a little think. There are so many to chose from. Okay, here we go, but my computer memory ran out, so could only post seven. Here they are :

Lisa Blandford at A Writers thought.
Alicia J. Frey at Eyes 2 Page An Aspiring Authors Ancedotes.
Crystal at Crystals Bookmark
Alice at The Travelling Crafter
LM Preston at Phenomenalonepress
Noir (L.H). at The Creative Mind
Authorness at Authorness

Monday, April 12, 2010

Velvet Ball And The Broken Fairy

I know this isn't a Molly Gumnut story, but I have to share my inspiration again. I found this strange looking fairy doll in a vintage thrift shop. When I sat her on my desk, she gave me the inspiration to write the fairy story, VELVET BALL AND THE BROKEN FAIRY. Now it's finished. Yay! I'm already sending queries, and I've entered a query competition over at Cornell De Ville's blog. My entry is number eleven. Here is the link: