Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Paperback Giveawy for Rascals Sing at The Opera House

I'm doing a Paperback Give-away for my new book: 
Rascals Sing at The Opera House 

I'm giving away two paperback copies over at Goodreads, so be sure to come on over and enter. Plus, if you'd like a free eBook of this story, post on here, email me, or send me a message at Goodreads and I will give you a discount code to download a free eBook on Smashwords.

To enter the paperback Give-away, just click on the link in the Goodreads post on the right of this blog on the sidebar.

Good luck!
Pollyweena Grubble

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Belly Gut Cakes

Gertie decided to cook cupcakes for play-lunch
But there wasn't any flour.
So she mixed all the yummies into a bunch
And had it cooked within an hour.

Gertie's Belly Gut Cakes


One cup full of raw oats
One cup of sultanas
One cup of dried apricots
One cup of sunflower seeds
One cup of Oat-bran
One cup of shredded coconut
1/2 a cup of crushed nuts 
4 weetbix
1 raw egg
Seven tablespoons off melted coconut oil
Three tablespoons of honey

Mix ingredients in a bowl, then place in cupcake papers and cook in oven for 20 minutes on a medium heat.

When the cakes were cool
Gertie took them all to school
And when she'd eaten all the nuts
She got a rotten belly guts.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rascals Sing at The Opera House, available as a Paperback

Rascals Sing at The Opera House is now available as a paperback on Amazon books. I had to hurry and write this story because some of my favourite fans kept asking for the sequel to Star-Crossed Rascals. I hope this book makes them laugh as much as the first in the series, and I already have a plot for the third book. But first, I have to finish the sequels to Velvet Ball and Molly Gumnut. I can't have Molly and Velvet getting jealous of Polly and Gertie because I'd never hear the end of it. I had so  much fun writing this story, but even more fun drawing the illustrations, though they took me forever. And to think five years ago, I didn't even know where commas went or how to spell. Now I've self-published four children's books as well as drawn my own illustrations and written songs and poetry for all my characters. This book is dedicated to all those children out there that struggled to learn like I did. And for all those kids that had embarrassing accidents at school like I did. You're never too old, or too young to learn anything. Follow your dreams, children and pay attention in school. And if your teacher won't teach you, turn her into a wicked witch in your book. LOL.

Here is the link to the paperback at Amazon Books: 

Here is the link to the eBook on Amazon Kindle:

This book was inspired by the things that happened to me as a small child at school. Here is a photo of my very first classroom and in it sits my best friend. Unfortunately, I can't bee seen in this photo as I was probably at the other side of the classroom, but I'll post a picture of me below.

My best friend is sat at the table on the top left. She's the girl with a bow and pointing at a reading card. She's sat next to the little boy with blonde curly hair. My best friend inspired Gertie, and yes, we really did go to a singing festival and I really did have to mime. My voice was horrible, but I so loved to sing. I was only allowed to stay in the choir if I promised to mime. Which I did, but I got into trouble from my teacher for wobbling my head like an Opera Singer. She said I was over acting. Though it wasn't the teacher from kindergarten. That teacher was wonderful, it was a later teacher. I also really did stink out the classroom, but to find out how, you'll have to read the book.

This is me as the rascal who inspired Polly.