Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Furble The Bandicoot

Here is Furble The Bandicoot.


  1. Hi Trish!

    What cute little animals these are! I take it they're native to AUstralia? I just popped over from reading your excerpt for Drop the Needle. Your story is delightful! And thanks for commenting on mine (I'm number 22). I also remember your story from Critique Circle. I'm a member there as well, although I haven't critted in a while.

    Good luck with your blog! I'm new to blogging, too. I started mine in April as well. Drop by if you get a chance. It's http://crystalroget.blogspot.com.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Hi, Crystal, thanks for stopping by. I always learn something when I post at Drop the Needle, it's all part of the learning.

    I'll come and visit you on your blog and add your link on here.

    I loved you story snippet too.

    After what I learned this week, I am editing the whole manuscript, not just the 250 words. I just love it when I can improve my story from a few comments.

    See you soon.

  3. That's great how you took care of him like that. What were you feeding him there? Looked a bit like mealworms to me but my picture wasn't very clear. Is this the injured bandicoot you mentioned over on CC a long time ago?

  4. Hi, Iluvspiders, Yes this is Furble the bandicoot from my Molly Gumnut story. He is actually a little long nosed bandicoot that I cared for after he was attacked by a cat.

    Yes, they are mealworms he is eating. He loved them. I fed him bugs, insectivore and ripe fruit. His favourite food was the mealworms and the marsupial milk he drank out of a bottle when he fist came to me in shock. After that, I added the milk to his insectivore to encourage him to eat. He was released back to his family two weeks later. He was adorable.

    Thanks for dropping in.