Saturday, August 20, 2011

Interview with Spencer Brokaw, a 12 year-old Published Author

Today I'm interviewing twelve-year-old, published author, Spencer Brokaw. How cool is that?

Hi Spencer. How old were you when you decided you wanted to be an author?

I was 6 years old when I began writing at home. I think that was when I decided I wanted to keep writing and be an author.

That is amazing, Spencer. Tell me, who influenced your writing?

Authors like Rick Riordan, and J.K. Rowling heavily influenced my writing.
Did anyone encourage your to write?

Yes, my dad was the person who suggested that I write in the first place. He always read what I wrote and told me to keep writing.

What a great dad you have. I'm already trying to encourage my grandchildren to write and draw, but they are both under five at the moment. What do your teachers and school pals think of you publishing a book?

My school pals were amazed. I was able to get a hold of my teacher by email to tell her that I published my book. She couldn’t believe it. My friends are a little bit more interested in writing now that they have seen a paperback and kindle copy of my book.

Great. Tell me, are you good at all subjects or just English?

I am in the advanced Math classes at my school and get straight A’s in almost everything but Science. I always have gotten A’s and B’s, never a C.

Gee, I think I’m interviewing a child genius here. What genre do you write?

I write YA espionage thrillers. I want to start a historical fiction series but I haven’t done any research.

That sounds great. What is the title of your upcoming book?

The Impenetrable Spy: Future Dreamer

Wonderful. I can just see that on the movies one day. What inspired your story?

Lots of action movies and Tom Clancy video games.

Wow! I didn’t know there were Tom Clancy video games. Tell us a little about the characters.

The main character is Zack Carter, a CIA spy that has a time machine locked into his chest. When his heart rate stops, it will send him back in time to whatever set time he wants. Davidson is Zack’s guy that’s feeding him information through Zack’s mic. He also goes on a few missions with Zack. Jack is a main character introduced in Chapter 8. He was a bank robber and art thief until converted into being a CIA agent.

Sounds wonderful. Is there any part of yourself in the MC?

I think all main characters have a little bit of the author’s personality thrown in.

That’s true, well, it is for me too. Who is your favourite author?

I would say J.K. Rowling. Harry Potter was an addiction, the books and the movies. I have read the series twice and watched the movies countless times. She sparked my interest when it came to Fantasy books.

J.K Rawlings is amazing and has influenced so many writers. However, I actually haven’t read her books yet, but I will if I ever find the time. What is your next planned story?

I’m actually trying to do a synopsis but haven’t completed one yet. Here’s a rough draft: Zack’s best friend has been murdered. The gun is covered in his fingerprints. Now on the run, Zack has to pit himself against CIA agents while trying to uncover the truth. He has to clear his name before things get out of hand. When he stumbles onto something bigger he must go on several missions through exotic locations, including Nigeria, New York City, CIA headquarters, Germany, and France.

That sounds great, Spencer. How many hours a week do you spend writing?

Anywhere from 2 to 10 hours.

Gee, with school work, it doesn’t leave much time for anything else, does it? But like all authors, you’re probably addicted to writing. How long did it take you to write your first book?

It took me about a year to complete it.

That’s pretty good going. Do you have a critique group or writing partner? Or does anyone edit your work?

My dad suggests things that I could change but I don’t have a writing group. I want to start one this year at school though.

That’s a great idea, Spencer. It’s surprising what other people pick up when reading another author’s work. It could be a day or time that’s wrong or they may make a funny suggestion for a scene. Where can people purchase your book?

As an ebook my book is available through iBooks, Kindle, nook, Smashwords, Kobo, Stanza, and most other retailers. It will be available in paperback (hopefully) by the end of august on Amazon.

Thanks great, Spencer. You seem mature way beyond your years and I’m so glad that I had the privilege of interviewing such a young and talented author. I’ll be able to tell my grandchildren I interviewed you when you are famous like J.K Rawlings, which will only be a few years away I'm sure.. Thank you so much for the letting me interview you, Spencer. It’s been a pleasure. I’m sure you’ll go a long way in your writing career and become a best seller. I bet your parents and teachers are so proud of you. Good luck. I look forward to reading your first book.

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  1. Wow! Espionage thrillers?! I'm impressed! I'll put this book on my To Be Read pile.

  2. Yes, isn't he great. Lindsey.