Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Competition to win a copy of: Rascals Sing at The Opera House

The memory of being in the choir at Primary School inspired my children's book:

I remember being in the choir at primary school and looking forward to our school competing in the singing festival. I happily went to choir practice every Saturday morning for months, but then one day we were all asked to sing the scales individually. Our class teacher and the music teacher said someone was singing out of tune.  I was so nervous when it came to my turn to sing that I did sing out of tune. I was immediately banned from the choir, but after seeing my pouty face, the kind music teacher must have felt sorry for me. He decided to let me stay in the choir, but only if I promised to mime during the festival and all through choir practice. I still went to practice every Saturday, but I didn't always mime. I loved singing and would sometimes get carried away and sing out loud, to the frustration of the two teachers. My voice was checked again and I was allowed once more to sing, but a few weeks later I was told to mime again. The music teacher couldn't understand why sometimes I sang okay and other times I sang dreadful. I was still allowed to go to the singing festival as long as I promised to mime when we were on the stage.

Of course, I did mime, but was later scolded by my female class teacher for wobbling my head about too much and opening my mouth too wide. LOL. I told her that I was going to be an actress when I grew up. Not impressed, she pressed her lips together and rolled her eyes at me.

After that concert, I was never able to sing a note in tune, ever. My confidence was gone. But I still love to sing and do all the time. Needless to say I often get things thrown at me or people walk away with their fingers in their ears. Maybe the reason my voice went bad was because before this photo was taken, I had had an operation to remove my tonsils, but was later to find they were growing back and I had to have another operation. Or maybe my confidence to sing just disappeared into thin air. Who knows, but something good happened because of it all. I'm a positive thinker and this experience and memory inspired me to write the children's book:

Now, for a competition. The first person who guesses which child in the photo above is me, will win e a free copy of Rascals Sing at The Opera House, either a paperback, or an eBook if they prefer.

Good luck and thanks for reading.


  1. I love that picture! And this book looks fantastic! 1st row third person is my guess.

  2. I think you should sing all you want! Are you in the back row, second from the right?

  3. I shall pick the little girl on the left with black hair. Only because she appears to be putting forth everything she has to sing her tune and with utter abandonment of her heart.

  4. Thanks for entering, Chrissy. You said 1st row 3rd person, but do you mean from the right or the left?

    Lindsey, thanks for entering. I'll let you all know later if one of you is right. LOL.

    June, you didn't say which one you thought was me. Which on is Polly, then, my alter ego? LOL.

    Norma, thanks for entering. You said the little girl on the left, but which row?

    This is fun, thanks girls. I'll let you all know very soon. You have to answer my questions first. :)

  5. Sorry Trish, I misread your instructions and was looking at the cover of your book and choosing one of the girls. Next time I'll digest what I am reading. LOL.
    It was difficult to see the photo, but I have decided to choose
    the 2nd girl in on the right, on the top row. She appears to have braids.

  6. I'll say top row sixth from the right.

  7. Hey everyone, I'm should have explained it better. I did say the photo above, but the book cover was above and that made it confusing. Sorry about that.

    Chrissy, you haven't answered yet. You said bottom row, third person. You didn't sat right Or left. When you tell me I can announce the winner.

  8. Okay, now I can announce the winner.


    First the incorrect ones.

    Lindsey and Norma, sorry, the girl on the top row, second on the right isn't me. Though she did resemble me as a child, she's tall and at the back with tall girls. I was one of the smallest kids in the class.

    June, so sorry, that girl also looked a bit like me as a child, but was one of the tallest girls in the choir. I'm still a shorty and only five foot nothing. LOL.

    Chrissy, congratulations. You're the winner!!! That's me on the bottom row, third from the left. How did you figure it out? i'd love to know.

    There was a clue. If anyone clicked on my website, top left, they would have seen photos of me as a seven-year-old. Did you do that, Chrissy, or was it just a good guess?

    Let me know your address and I will post the book straight away, Chrissy.

    Thanks for entering everyone. Keep watching as I'll be having more contests.

  9. Congratulations Chrissy. Did you check out Trish's blog. I did and in doing so put myself on the wrong track and decided against little Trish on the left. Should have gone with my intuition. LOL

  10. Thanks for entering, Norma J. I'll be doing more competitions, so keep watching. It was fun seeing who you all thought was me.