Friday, August 24, 2012

New Release, Coming Soon

Ominous Love

My very first Young Adult Book is due out soon. The cover, banner and poster were all created for me by Patti Roberts, a wonderful author and entrepreneur at  Paradox Book Covers & Trailers Custom MadeThank you so much Patti, I couldn't be more thrilled.

In my MG Children's Books, I draw my own illustrations for the covers, or use the photos of my nieces and create them with the help of my sister, but with this Young Adult book, I was looking for a great image of an Angel for my cover. I couldn't find the right picture anywhere, but then I went to Patti Robert's website and wham! There he was, the perfect Angel for my character. I just had to have him.  I asked Patti if she could add a young couple that looked like my characters. She did and also asked me about the story. She's fabulous, she not only added the beach, but also added the lightning and put the Angel right where his enters the story. Thanks Patti Roberts, you're a doll.

The Book Cover

Promotion Poster


I have a Competition and the prize will be a free copy of Ominous Love when it's released.

The competition is for you to guess the ages of the couple in the picture below. Just leave a comment and the first person to guess the correct ages will win a paperback copy. The second and third guesser will win an eBook copy.

Here is the picture that inspired my story

For updates on the release, watch this blog, or follow me on Facebook

I was thrilled with the service of Paradox Book Trailer Productions. Patti Roberts not only gave me personnel attention, but she really cared about my book like it was a child and wanted the best for it. I highly recommend her service, you will not be disappointed. I know I'll be using her service again. 

And here's the link to purchase Patti Robert's Books: Here

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  1. This looks like an awesome project! It sounds like Patti had your vision and brought it to life. So exciting!

  2. Hi Laura, yes, it was if it was meant to be. I'd been searching for my angel, but couldn't find a muscly one like my character. Then I saw him on Patti's website. I've never written for teens before and I think some parents might think this story a bit raunchy for young teens, but it's a 'Youg Adult'book, not young teens one. LOL. As usual, I'm a rebel.

    What's you book about, Laura? Can't wait to see. I'll check your blog.

  3. I'm guessing the character to be: The girl is 14. The boy is 15. They look like highschool sweethearts! I love the cover art. It's so beautiful!

  4. Your new book sounds awesome. I'd love to win a copy. My guess is 17 & 19. Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway.

  5. Thanks for entering the competition, Chrissy. I'll Let you know the results soon.

  6. Thanks, Jayde, I'll let you know the results soon. Thanks for visiting.

  7. The books sounds intriguing.
    I would say she is 17 and he is 25.
    I know I'm off compared to others.

  8. Ooo, I love the cover, and congratulations on the new release! Is the girl 16 and the boy 18?

    By the way, I tagged you in the Next Big Thing Blog Hop!

  9. Thanks, soumyana, I'll let everyone know soon.

  10. Hey, thanks Lindsy. I'll check that out.

    I'll let you know the results to the contest soon.

    I can't wait to publish in a few weeks. :)

  11. Hey everyone, nobody got the ages of the couple right yet, on this competition or the latest one. Here's a clue if you still would like to win a copy.

    This photo is in my Facebook profile photos. LOL Yes, it's my husband and me. LOL.

    Have another try.