Friday, September 30, 2011

Please Vote for my Book Cover.

Hi everyone, I would love it if you would vote on which book cover I should use for my new book:
 Rascals Sing at the Opera House. It's due out in a few days. Yay! Thank you to anyone who votes. I really appreciate it.







  1. B for me, Trish. Looks like a spotlight on the two girls. And C is a little washed out.

  2. Thanks June. I like that one the best too, but was wondering if I should make the girls a little larger as you can't see them very well. Oh, the pain, the Pain! LOL.

    Thanks for voting, June.

  3. I like A and E because of the bigger pictures.

  4. Haha, thanks, Elizabeth. I like the bigger picture too, but I like the pink swirls.

    Thanks so much for the feedback.

  5. I like E
    great idea to show the covers!

  6. Thanks so much, Wanita. Hahah. Everyone likes a different one. LOL. My family are the same too.

  7. Definately B.... I already entered my comment previously, so not sure where it went to.

  8. Thanks Vikki, I don't know where it went either. I didn't see it anywhere.
    Maybe Polly or Gertie hid it somewhere. LOL.

    Thanks for visiting.

  9. Thanks Jayde. That's two E's Two B's And Two A's cause I like A, but then Elizabeth voted for E as well. Oh, dear. What to chose? Hmm.

    Thanks girls:)

  10. I like D, because it looks like two girls hanging out and washing their hair together, girls love to do that. Don't you need nice shinning hair for the opera? But there again, as I have not read the book! Just remember girls staying over, and fixing hair!

  11. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. That cover was the one I was first going to use, but a few folks didn't like it. That picture is inside the book though and my husband liked it as a cover. The girls are washing their hair at Gertie's house the night before they are to compete with other schools at the Opera House. But poor Polly has been kicked out of the choir for singing out of tune and has been ordered to mime.

    I can't say what the two girls do on stage, but it's a bit of a riot. LOL.

    Thanks for voting. I have to decided on a covert before I publish the paperback, which will be in the next few days. The eBook is already available and has a cover, though I'm able to change that one, I'm not able to change a paperback version once it's published. So I really appreciate everyone's votes. Cheers!