Sunday, October 9, 2011

Return of Great Aunt Mabel

First of all, do you like my new blog picture up above? That is a little Antechinus I caught in our house and released back to the woods. Antechinus are little marsupials that live at the top of trees and eat insects and bugs. However, they prefer the comforts of a house if they can get access to one.

Okay, back to my blog post. I'm halfway through the sequel to Star-Crossed Rascals, but the illustrations are taking longer than the writing. Here is a one of my illustrations for: Return of The Dirty Rascals. (Or should I call them Lovable Rascals? Not sure yet.)

Anyway, here's Great Aunt Mabel and she causes even more trouble for Polly and Gertie.

Keep watching this blog and I'll post Polly and Gertie very soon.


  1. HA! I love both pictures! Great Aunt Mabel looks maaaad! Good luck with the sequel. :)

  2. Hi Lindsey, so glad you liked Aunt Mabel. She's doing some more horrid cooking , but I won't say what it is yet, but Polly won't eat it. LOL.

    Did you see the little Antechinus on the right-hand side of the tree up above? It's hard to notice at first.

    Thanks for visiting. How are your great books coming along?

  3. I did see it! It's so cute!

    My books are coming along pretty good. I'll start querying in a few weeks and see what happens. Fingers crossed!

  4. That's great. Good luck with it, Lindsey. I voted for you on your contest. I love your story. Let me know when it's published so I can buy it.