Monday, October 24, 2011

Another 5 Sar Review for Star-Crossed Rascals

Yay! I received yet another 5 Star review from a reader on Smashwords today. Here it is:

Polly and Gertie are best friends forever. They do everything together, whether it is disgusting like chewing bubblegum they have just picked up on the street or riding a bike like crazy.
Polly does get upset with Gertie for being silly or being totally careless when Polly thinks taking a risk is totally unnecessary. However, everything always works out between the two of them. (not going to give out any spoilers here)
When we meet Polly, her parents are away so auntie Mabel looks after her for the time being. However her aunt isn’t the best possible choice for a babysitter, which makes Polly’s life miserable and extremely difficult. Aunt Mabel doesn’t even try to understand Polly and can’t stand Gertie around Polly, blaming her for all the trouble Polly gets into. But telling the truth, when it comes to trouble Polly is as creative as Gertie.
Polly’s story made me laugh like crazy & made me cry at the end of the book.
This girl reminds me so much of another little girl I remember from my childhood. Little red Scandinavian rascal named Pippi.
Patricia Puddle did an excellent job at portraying friendship between two girls who aren’t into ballet & doll house parties. Their friendship is not easy but real friendships never are and they usually require a lot of unconditional acceptance.
Polly and Gertie’s friendship is realistic, they have ups & downs but most importantly one loves another and they are there for each other.
The book is a fantastic read for kids age 5-13 (not to put any crazy ideas into little kid’s minds ☺).
I would recommend “Star – Crossed Rascals” also to parents, teachers & librarians.

And here is the link to Smashwords

The sequel: Rascals Sing in the Opera House will be available very soon.


  1. Aw, this book sounds sweet.
    Congrats on the good review & thank you for visiting my blog, i replied to your comment on there and will look out for you on Goodreads.


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