Monday, October 31, 2011

Rascals Sing at The Opera House Now available as eBook

Finally, Rascals Sing at The Opera House is now available as an eBook with Amazon Kindle and on Smashwords for $0.99

The paperback version will be available very soon, hopefully this week on Amazon Books as are my other three books, and also with amazon Kindle.

This is the second book in The rascals series. The first book is Star-Crossed Rascals. Here is a link to my Smashwords page:


Amazon Kindle:

Monday, October 24, 2011

Another 5 Sar Review for Star-Crossed Rascals

Yay! I received yet another 5 Star review from a reader on Smashwords today. Here it is:

Polly and Gertie are best friends forever. They do everything together, whether it is disgusting like chewing bubblegum they have just picked up on the street or riding a bike like crazy.
Polly does get upset with Gertie for being silly or being totally careless when Polly thinks taking a risk is totally unnecessary. However, everything always works out between the two of them. (not going to give out any spoilers here)
When we meet Polly, her parents are away so auntie Mabel looks after her for the time being. However her aunt isn’t the best possible choice for a babysitter, which makes Polly’s life miserable and extremely difficult. Aunt Mabel doesn’t even try to understand Polly and can’t stand Gertie around Polly, blaming her for all the trouble Polly gets into. But telling the truth, when it comes to trouble Polly is as creative as Gertie.
Polly’s story made me laugh like crazy & made me cry at the end of the book.
This girl reminds me so much of another little girl I remember from my childhood. Little red Scandinavian rascal named Pippi.
Patricia Puddle did an excellent job at portraying friendship between two girls who aren’t into ballet & doll house parties. Their friendship is not easy but real friendships never are and they usually require a lot of unconditional acceptance.
Polly and Gertie’s friendship is realistic, they have ups & downs but most importantly one loves another and they are there for each other.
The book is a fantastic read for kids age 5-13 (not to put any crazy ideas into little kid’s minds ☺).
I would recommend “Star – Crossed Rascals” also to parents, teachers & librarians.

And here is the link to Smashwords

The sequel: Rascals Sing in the Opera House will be available very soon.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Minds of Little Children

My fourth book Rascals Go to the Opera House is finally completed. The illustrations took me as long as writing the story, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

I hope children and adults like this chapter book for reluctant readers as much as
Star-Crossed Rascals, but I couldn't help myself, I made it quite gross. I guess I'm still that seven-year-old child with memories as clear as clean water, though my short term memory is slipping a little.

When I was a small child, I often had little mishaps at school and I guess most children do at some stage. But this is rarely spoken about by children because of the embarrassed. I know I was so embarrassed sometimes that I refused to go to school. I would chuck a tantrum and use every excuse from tummy ache to complaining that my pigtails didn't match or my socks were uneven. When that didn't work, I would make myself sick.

I had a teacher that refuse to let children go to the bathroom unless it was recess. I guess that doesn't happen these days, but it was terrible when it happened to me. I was a small child and seemed to have a tiny bladder. I could never wait until playtime. One day after an accident, I came up with a brilliant idea - or so I thought. Hiding behind the coat racks at the back of the classroom, I waited until everyone went out to play. Then I stuffed my wet underpants down the back of the school radiator.Yay! I thought. They'll dry there. Lucky for me, I had my gym shorts in my bag, but no way could I play handstands with my friends. I told them I had a tummy ache. LOL.

Though I thought I had solved my problem of the day, I had created a big one. Of course when I sneaked back to my classroom before the other children, my underpants were warm and dry. Yay! I outsmarted the kids that usually teased me. I put them on and sat at my desk with a smug grin on my face. Well, that is until the teacher started sniffing the air. A minute later, the headmistress came into the room and wrinkled her nose. She immediately opened a window and said the classroom stunk. Then she asked us all which one of us had wet their pants. Yipes! I couldn't smell anything. Were they talking about me? I hadn't realised that the steam from the drying underpants had lingered in that classroom. I was terrified.

Then to make matters worse, a boy put his hand up and suggested to the headmistress that it was most probably me as I often had an accident. I was indignant. I stood up and yelled that it wasn't me and when the teacher checked my pants, she found that I was dry. Yes! I'd outsmarted them all, but by the skin of my tiny teeth.

The teachers never found out who's stunk out the classroom, but through my school years I had many odd accidents. Like the day I thought the linen towel, hanging from the wall would make a great swing. I was still only seven and tiny for my age, but while I was swinging  too and fro, the darn container broke from the wall and landed on my head. Yipes! There was a huge hole in the wall and I was covered in grey dust and rubble, not to mention a big bump on my head as big as an egg. Only my best friend saw this happen and she steered me away before I got caught. Once again, I outsmarted the teachers as they thought it had just fallen from the wall.

The name my teacher used to address me was Wish-washy. That name stuck for years and I came to believe I was a bit thick as I had many occurrences like these. (Which are all made into the fictitious children's stories in my Lovable Rascals series. Star-Crossed Rascals is the first and Rascals Sing at The Opera House is the second and due out very soon.)

It was at this age that I had to have a few childhood operations, so I missed out quite a bit of my schooling, which set me behind in my lessons. I couldn't keep up with my classmates and that teacher was no help at all. She often sent me to sit outside the principal's office instead of keeping me in at recess and teaching me what I'd missed and needed to learn, like reading and writing. Of course, being the little weirdo I was, and still am, I learned to cope by making my classmates laugh. This brought me many friends an made my childhood years happy ones. I lived in England until I was twelve, then moved to Australia and while I was on a website a year ago, I came across one of my old friends from my childhood. This fellow now hosts my website. What a fun world cyberspace is.

As I grew up, I realised I wasn't thick at all, just uneducated. So I went and educated myself to the best of my ability, but I still wanted to make kids laugh, so when I write my children's stories, I add things that children actually do. Some of these things are quite gross and I've even had one man tell me that he wouldn't let his grandchildren read books such as mine - meaning ones that talk about toilet habits and cheeky children.

LOL. Well, my books are not for everyone, but so far my fans love them. Children love to read gross things and even if some parents won't let them read such books, they'll hunt them down in libraries and even at schools. I've had many teachers and librarians tell me that the reluctant readers love them. I even had a wonderful review from a lady with an autistic boy who wouldn't read, but is now one of my best fans.

That's my only aim with my books, to make people laugh, mainly children. Though I have many pensioner fans as they love small books with larger writing and the slap-stick humour of my stories.

I'd love you to comment and let me know what you think about gross children's book.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Author Interview (in South American Rainforest Indy Style) with Chrissy Peebles

Here's my weird and wonderful interview with one of my favourite authors, Chrissy Peebles. And would you believe it takes place in the South American Rainforest - Indiana Jones Style - Cyberspace of course.

Hi Chrissy. What on earth have you got me into, dragging me into a cyberspace version of the South American Rainforest? You know I'm allergic to insects. Ouch! Splat! That mosquito was enormous and it just bit me.

Hi Trish! You are such a wimp. Now put you're protection hat back on and let's dive into the world of Indiana Jones

Hugh? Are we going on a treasure hunt for Indy’s golden idol? *birds squawk, insects buzz, mist swirls, and sunlight streams through the rainforest canopy*

Thanks for interviewing me out here in the rainforest. I hope it wasn’t an inconvenience, Trish.

Well. I only took a cyber-train, cyber-plane,cyber- jeep, cyber-canoe and sailed down a cyber-river loaded with piranhas, hippos, and crocs. But anything to promote your book, right? *big grin* You owe me girl. I'm covered in cyber-bites.

*Motions around* Oh, don't be such a meanie bum, I thought this would be the perfect spot for the spirit of my book since it takes place in the jungle. Anyway, I just read your new book that's coming out any time soon. And it was full of gross stuff. I could hardly eat my dinner with some of the things Aunt Mabel cooked for that Pollyweena kid. So you ow me, Patricia Puddle.

*Smacks giant blowfly* Okay, okay, you don't have to shove me. I'll do it, I'll pretend it's great to be here on your stupid little expedition, but I’m allergic to insects, eww. I hope we find the hidden temple, and soon. *Big sigh* So let’s start this interview, shall we? Go ahead tell me about your book.

I’d love too. My book is called Agartha's Castaway. Three teenagers are shipwrecked in a strange tropical jungle…hey, kind of like this one.

*Yipes!* Uh, oh. I read your book. There better not be T-rexes in this jungle. Anyway, how does your novel differ from all the other YA books out there?

I think what makes the novel unique and different is the way it crosses dinosaurs with UFOs. It’s kind of like Jurassic Park MEETS Independence Day with Twilight-like romance.

I love the genre-bending. So what’s your favorite movie song?

It’s…uh, Trish, why are you staring at me like that?

Well, um, Chrissy, I’m trying not to stare but you’re wearing a rough, snapped brim brown fedora, safari clothes, boots, and a leather coat. I always knew you were a little weirdo like me.

Oh, what, this get up? I’m Indy. *Smiles and cracks a whip* Well, this outfit sure goes along with my favorite movie song--Indiana Jones. I also like Star Wars, Jurassic Park and The Neverending Story.

Sing in the rain or dance in the streets?

*Thunder cracks in the distance complete with pouring rain and flashing lightning.* 
Oh, poo! My hair is wet now. Oh, well I'll sing you the theme song to Indiana Jones, then.

*smiles* I always knew you liked to sing, and you’re awesome, but could you try to sing a little bit better. You sound like Pollyweena Grubble, the MC in my upcoming children’s book. Her singing is so bad, she asked to mime.

Ha, ha. Hey,your mascara is running.

Poo! it was supposed to be waterproof. Oh, well, at least I don’t look like a drowned rat like you. So Chrissy. Tell everyone what makes you unique? Then they can have a good laugh like me. LOL.

Duh! We’re having an interview in the rain in the middle of the jungle aren’t we? I guess I’d have to say my imagination and humor.

Don’t forget the big wooden spoon you use, Chrissy.


For poo stirring. Hahahaha.  Sorry, now you can tell everyone something that you’re really good at?

*Adjusts wide-brimmed fedora* Why I give the best shots in the world.

What? And you’re proud of that?

Giving shots with no pain is a skilled craft. I swear I’ve given 5,000 of them in my nursing career.

*Covers butt* Okay, well just don’t think about giving me one. How can you drop a raw egg onto a concrete floor without cracking it?

Concrete floors are very hard to crack!

Funny girl! But guess what? I’ve actually cracked a concrete floor. Yes I have. When I was helping my husband to build our full brick house in the country. We did everything, just the two of us, and I cracked the slab when we poured the concrete, so there.

*Ducks under giant fern and smiles* Ah, you always have to be the best. Now, you’re stealing my lime light too, you bozo!!!

Well, you’re making me romp around the jungle. But sorry, I forgot this was your interview. Let’s continue, shall we? What if we run into a tiger or a giant anaconda?

Trust me.

Hey, isn’t that what Indy always says? Okay, next question. If you could be any character from the X-men, who would it be?

Think blue skin. Yellow eyes. Mutant shape shifter. I’d live in the Marvel universe, home to the most kick-butt superheroes in the galaxy. Any idea who I’m talking about? *smiles* Yep! Mystique from the X-men.

How about if you could be one of the characters from Lost?

Oh! I’d love to be Kate Austen. (Evangeline Lilly) She knows how to track people, goes on dangerous excursions, she works hard, kicks butt…and the chick just rocks!

Hang on, I'll just move this branch aside. Oh, cripes!  There's a horrific stone sculpture of a Chachapoyan demon. and those vines and leaves are covering me. Geese, that black entrance looks like it's designed to look like open jaws. Chrissy, surely we’re not going in there? The freaking place is covered in spider webs!

Yep, we’re going in! So channel your “inner Laura Croft”. Or distract yourself by giving me the next question. *carries torch as she walks up the twisting, narrow passage from the main entrance. It’s wet, dark, and hanging with plants and stalactites. Whistling drafts and dripping water fill the air*
*Gasps* Oh my gosh, Trish, there's a big, hairy tarantula crawling up on my arm.

*Whack!* Don't be a baby. It's nothing more than a fly. I’m more freaked out by  those thousands of  snakes hissing and slithering everywhere.

I would like to now tell everyone that I’ll take snakes any day over spiders!

Dually noted!

Here's a torch, Trish. Wave it at anything that slithers.

Snakes. Why'd it hafta be snakes? *CLANG! Giant spikes spring together* Eeeeuuuew! I had to jump out of the way then. I think I hate booby traps even more!

Hey! Like you told me, don't be a baby.

*Points* But there's a skeleton impaled on that spike! We can’t go any further.

Now, Trish, we don't want to be discouraged by every little thing.

Okay, now you sound like the famous Indiana Jones himself. Okay, we need to be extra careful. And we really need to get on with this interview. Burger King or McDonalds?

I like the loaded Whopper better than the Big Mac and- *lets out long scream*

*Without warning Chrissy and Trish fall down a set of narrow stairs.*

Ouch! Shine the torch down here, will ya Chrissy? I think I broke something.

*shines torch downward as two idiots scream*

The floor is covered in human skeletons! I wanna go home. It’s dark, there’s spiders…and human bones. *crunching with each step* I’m not sure I’m liking your fantasy. So what made you become a fantasy writer anyway?

I love all genres. But to me, there’s no greater genre than fantasy. I also love that in fantasy I can push the envelope outside normal boundaries.

Push the envelope? Well, you certainly do that in all of your stories. And even here in real life, like bringing me out here to die in some Egyptian temple.

*Chrissy chuckles* No one is dying today.

*Chrissy motions inside a large, domed room with ten skylights shining beams on a black and white tiled floor* Let’s go inside! *walks to jeweled idol sitting on a polished stone altar* The statue, it's beautiful! Isn’t it, Trish?

Wow! We’re going to be rich!

*Chrissy reaches in jacket for a small canvas bag; and begins filling it up with dirt* Trust me, everything’s going to be okay. *Chrissy’s hands slowly inch closer toward idol*

Trust you, you greedy pig. Anyway, your hands are shaking. If you mess up, we’re dead. Try to distract yourself. Why don’t you tell me about your next project?

Good distraction. I have written the sequel to Agartha’s Castaway. I hope to have it out on Amazon Kindle soon. And I am ¾ of the way through a new adventure fantasy called, The Ruby Ring. It’s about a twenty-one year old girl named Sarah Larker who returns to a cave where her sister disappeared five years earlier. She walks through a portal and is mistaken for a runaway princess on the run by a dangerous Immortal king in medieval times. Her plan is bold as well as daring—become this princess, wed the king, and slip on an ancient wedding ring that will unlock the portal. Then find her sister and run as fast as she can out of Dodge. But taking on the identity of Princess Gloria comes along with dangerous consequences; and slipping on the ruby ring comes with an even higher price.

Chrissy, don’t take this the wrong way but you’re not exactly inspiring confidence with all those beads of sweat rolling down your face. You sure this is going to work?

Why wouldn't it? Keep me distracted by asking more questions. *makes the switch and grabs the idol*

Vampires or werewolves?

Definitely vampires. I have a thing for boys who sparkle.

*The cave rumbles and shakes* Hey! The swap didn’t work Chrissy!

Oops! *a huge boulder (form-fitted perfectly to the passageway) speeds toward us* Uh, Trish, we have a little problem.

*Gulps* Little?

 Oh, crap! Runaway boulder. Run, Trish, run!

*Trish runs like hell.* You bloody idiot. I knew I shouldn’t have come here. What? You’re trying to kill me and I haven’t even published my next book yet. Goodonya! *Boulder passes by. *runs out of cave, brushing off dirt and pulling twigs out of her hair* That was close Chrissy! Let’s move on to the next question so I can get out of this nightmare. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

The Galapagos Islands. You can swim with giant mantas, turtles, dolphins, tuna, sea lions, and let’s not forget about the 32 species of sharks! White tip reef sharks, whale sharks, bull sharks, and large schools of hammerhead sharks swim throughout the clear waters.

Yipes! What about sharks? Your not scared of sharks?

No way. I think I’m more likely to be killed by lightning or a bee sting than by a shark attack. Swimming with sharks would be such a blast!

Yipes! *Native warriors in full battle paint carry long blow guns. A white man named Belloq dressed in safari gear speaks with a French accent.*

“Chrissy, you choose the wrong friends. This time it will cost you,” said Belloq. *Chrissy hands Belloq the idol*

“Chrissy, who is this weasel?” 

“My competitor, stupid.”

“So, Chrissy,” said Belloq. “I have an interview question for you. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Chrissy bites lip. “Super strength to kick your butt.”

“Yeah that would come in handy right about now,” said Trish.

“And you thought I'd given up,” said Belloq.

Chrissy (eyeing the natives) “Too bad they don't know you like I do, Belloq.”

(smiles) “Yes, too bad. You could warn them... if only you spoke Hovitos.” Belloq looks at the natives. “Kill them!”

Chrissy and Trish exchange a glance. *they bolt into the jungle as a rainstorm of poison darts and spears pass over their heads.

“Yipes! Chrissy, You never told me this interview would entail cliff diving! You know I’m a big coward and scaredy cat.

Sorry Trish. *angry yells radiate from the jungle* Jump into the river!

Do you like to sing in the shower?

Y----E----S! *voice echoes as Chrissy jumps off cliff*

SPLASH! Chrissy and Trish swim to the seaplane! *more arrows whiz past head as Trish climbs onto seaplane* Why did I agree to do this interview with you?

Because you love me? *smiles*

Trish pushes Chrissy. “Always”, bestest friend, but I don’t know why. We didn’t even get the golden idol.

Plane speeds off over the jungle.

Phew! Now that we're back at my place, Chrissy, how about we check out you book trailer? I bet it's over the top like you and your book.


All righty then, let's play it. Got any popcorn? Here's the book trailer:

Sheesh! I'd hate to be those teenagers and I better not see a darn dino or UFO, Chrissy

Oh, I better tell folks where they can buy your book? Here it is

Buy it now, you'll love it!

And here is the wacky Chrissy Peeble's blog: 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rascals Sequel Out Soon!

I've finally finished my sequel to Star-Crossed Rascals and it will be available soon as a paperback and also an eBook. This book took me longer to finish because I worked on the illustrations as much as the story. I wanted to add more pictures because that's what children love as well as the story. As this book is for young, and reluctant readers, the illustrations are important. I hope the children, and adults like them.

Here is a preview of some illustrations in the next Rascals Chapter Book:

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review for Velvet Ball and The Broken Fairy

While I was over at Goodreads, I noticed a new review for my book
Velvet Ball and The Broken Fairy. 
A lovely lady by the name of Terry gave me this fantastic review. Of course it made my day even brighter. Thank you so much, Terry.
Here is a copy of the review and a link to read it at Goodreads:

Terry rated it *10 Stars*
Recommends it for: Everyone! (Great for Reluctant Readers!)
Shelves: favorites, highly-recommended, kids-of-all-ages

Ms. Puddle, you never cease to amaze me!
I don't think I've ever read two books in a row by the same author that I've enjoyed this much until now!
I loved Star-Crossed Rascals and absolutely adored Polly and Gertie. I didn't think it possible to like any other characters as much as I did those two.
That is, until I met Velvet Ball and Roseberry, the Fairy of Crabtree Forest. Once again, I found myself falling in love with the main characters, Velvet our young heroine, and Roseberry our unlikely heroine.

Velvet Ball is a bright, intelligent and precocious 9 year old girl who suffers with a disease called Alopecia Areata. This condition has left Velvet bald, with no body hair, and an obvious target for bullies. This wonderful little girl is nobody's victim however, and she is no pushover. Roseberry IS the fairy your mother warned you about. She's sassy times ten, a tad bit rude, yet a bundle of laughs. The way Ms. Puddle handles the relationship between these two is masterful; the dialogue smoothly bounces back and forth as expertly as a tennis ball at a Wimbleton match.

The story moves consistently along at a nice speed, with just the right amount of excitement, action and humor. (Might I add well placed, well-timed humor that is actually funny, not cheesy or dumbed down). Velvet rescues Roseberry, after the bullies have thrown her into a tree. She takes her home where she'll be safe, but the bullies kidnap Roseberry out of Velvet's room. (My stomach actually dropped at this part; the talented Ms. Puddle knows how to write!). Velvet is once again going to bravely rescue the fairy from the bullies...

I highly recommend Patricia Puddles books to everyone. This is one author, whom I'm thankful to have been introduced to. Her books have never failed to cheer me up and make me laugh. I'll even go as far as to say they're therapeutic.
My autistic son loves them also. He's become a big fan. We plan on buying/owning every book she writes. I'll be keeping her books on my favorites shelf for years to come, where they will be shared with my grandchildren.

Here is the link if you'd like to read it on Goodreads:

Return of Great Aunt Mabel

First of all, do you like my new blog picture up above? That is a little Antechinus I caught in our house and released back to the woods. Antechinus are little marsupials that live at the top of trees and eat insects and bugs. However, they prefer the comforts of a house if they can get access to one.

Okay, back to my blog post. I'm halfway through the sequel to Star-Crossed Rascals, but the illustrations are taking longer than the writing. Here is a one of my illustrations for: Return of The Dirty Rascals. (Or should I call them Lovable Rascals? Not sure yet.)

Anyway, here's Great Aunt Mabel and she causes even more trouble for Polly and Gertie.

Keep watching this blog and I'll post Polly and Gertie very soon.

Illustrations of Polly for Return of The Grotty Rascals

Here are my latest Polly Illustrations. 

Review for Star-Crossed Rascals

I was so excited to receive this fantastic review for Star-Crossed Rascals that I had to share it with my blog readers. Thank you so much to the lovely lady that wrote it on Goodreads. Here it is:

Quote from happy reader at Goodreads:

[ Oh my word! Ms. Puddle, you are a genius!
Finally, a "childs" tale which is appropriate for boys and girls of all ages. I'd highly recommend for everyone to read this book, from Senior Citizens to the youngest readers.

Star-Crossed Rascals is the funniest tale I've read in years! I will never look at "play-dough", "gobstoppers" or mops the same. *****10 stars!*****

Polly is such an endearing little girl, who's best intentions always seem to land her in a mess. She has come to life in the pages of this book, which will have you laughing and crying at the same time. Gertie, who is Polly's best friend, is the child your mother always warned you about, except she's not cruel or mean, simply adventurous. She's the best friend we all want to have! I found myself cheering on Polly (and Gertie), in their antics against Great Auntie Mabel who was an utter crank.
I'm keeping this one for my grandchildren, as it will be re-read many times again. Thank you for the fun Ms. Puddle and for Zac's new favorite book! Please, please write many sequels!
] End quote.